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DIS Jakarta 

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Have an itch to skate? Need equipment? Don't know a place to do so? Need information on Inline Skating in Jakarta? You have come to the right place. We aim to provide you with a one-stop-shop attitude in providing solutions to your inline skating needs. We aim not only to assist you by coming to us but also by providing online help. Articles, pictures and videos have been produced so that you can improve your inline skating experience purely by surfing through our pages, social sites and channels.

The Track

Dunia inline skate features a small banked track that is specially designed to cater novice, intermediate and advanced skaters. For example; the concave elevated curves help novice skaters test their skills by skating up and rolling down. Speed skaters can also benefit from this design as their skates get better grip when cornering reaching higher speeds. Any which way, we want to provide a skating experience that is enjoyable.

Renting Equipment

We provide equipment for rent so that anyone can enjoy inline skating. Sizes available from size EU30-47.


Once a skater understands the joy of rolling, enhancing the capabilities of your skates become a need. We understand this and provide a wide range of skates, spare parts, accessories and much more.    


Rollerskool is our skateschool program designed to be conducted on site and off site so that schools and institutions can also benefits from this awesome inline skate development program. It caters to inline skaters learning from scratch to skaters wanting to compete or enter a more serious branch of the sport. 


Our webstore illustrates what type of products we provide for our customers. This might not be viable information for you, unless your are interested in us distributing your products to the Indonesian market.  

ICP Indonesia 

ICP or Inline Certification Program is a world wide program designed to help educate and certify inline skaters all over the world so that the instructors have a firm platform to teach from. Dunia Inline Skate is a proud promotor of ICP Indonesia. 


"Dunia Inline Skate is dedicated to elevate your inline skate experience so that you can get more out of your skates." 

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