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Having an online presence is important to us. Where most of our new customers find us online, making use of all our content to be accessible by you our customers is important to us. We aim to elevate your inline skate experience where ever you are. A tall order but in today's world highly possible thanks to the availability of social networking. Below are our channels where you may find more specific information about products or services that can help you. Please feel free to click an icon below to contact us if you need further assistance






Dunia Inline Skate Social Media

Since Dunia Inline Skate is technically a destination, we are dedicating these social media channels for people who are interested in coming to us to enjoy skating. Please click on one of the links below.   

Facebook page Dunia Inline Skate

Instagram Dunia inline Skate


Shop and Product Information

Tokopedia Dunia inline Skate

Instagram DIS Rollershop


Rollerskool Class details  

Rollerskool Instagram 

Rollerskool Facebook page


Inline Certification Program Indonesia

ICP Indonesia Instagram Account  


Pre-Skating Babies Educational Program 

Racetots Instagram 


With these social media networks we hope to further help you elevate your inline skate experience. By dividing our social media channels and assigning specific teams to answer your questions, we hope that we can get your questions answered in an effective and timely manner. 

"Find a product or service to help you elevate your inline skate experience."