Frequently Asked Questions 

The Dunia Inline Skate team answers frequently asked questions by customers


Since we were established in 2010 the Dunia Inline Skate team has received countless commendations saying they found solutions to their skating problems through Dunia Inline SKate. We are passionate about helping people roll better on inline skates. In this part of our website we offer assistance and information on how can get more out of your skates.

Learning how to Inline Skate is already pretty tough and to continuously enjoy it is also tricky. Lots of times, the skates end up becoming a part of your storage items than being used for fun activities in the sun. Simple questions like skate tips, maintenance tips, product tips, safety tips and many more are discussed in the website so with a few clicks of your thumb and you shall be able to enjoy your skates so much more.

One of the main focuses of Dunia Inline Skate is to promote Rollersports. A category of sports using inline skates and roller skates. In the current decade Rollersports has made steady headway marking its place in the Roller Games and Youth Olympics. Under the Rollersports umbrella are a handful of skate disciplines that also spread to other disciplines. Rollersports shares its kinship with its ice skating ancestor but with recent developments by players and technology, Rollersports has developed in to its own culture.

"Find answers to your inline skate related questions by clicking the menu button. We hope to have elevated your inline skate experience with Dunia Inline Skate."