What is Fun2Skate?

Hello! Welcome to Fun2Skate.

                Fun2Skate is a section on the Dunia Inline Skate website that is meant to be a resource centre of Inline Skating know-how for anyone to enjoy. The Inline Skating industry has very unique characteristics, one of which is the fact that Inline Skate products can be found under various sections in the retail world. It can be considered toys, sports ware, lifestyle or entertainment. Many get confused when introduced to industrial jargon like roller skates, roller blades, land rollers, agro, speed skate, slalom and more. Pop culture confusion is what we call it and many experience it but not many places give you enough information on deciphering the message and then guiding you on the ins and outs of how to get the most out of your inline skate products once you’ve bought them. The Fun2Skate section of this website provides a solution to exactly that problem: a source of information so you can get the most out of your inline skating experience. In other words: We limit the hot air and actually hand you the hot pie.


                The knowledge of Fun2Skate is not only geared towards the first timers but also more advanced skaters will soon be able to benefit from it. Although, it is recommended that everyone at least take a peek at the starter pack content, we are soon going to upload more relevant content for experienced beginners until the advanced inline skaters but surely proficient skaters have had the experience of someone asking them for tips and tricks so they too can learn to Inline Skate easier, faster and better. We want to provide you the tools so at least, you can spend more timing skating and less time talking. Let them get educated systematically through Fun2Skate.