Inline Certification Program

An organisation of instructors helping, building and growing the standard of certified inline skate instructors. 

ICP is an organisation helping skaters get certified to become better instructors. Teaching is a complex skill, skating is also a complex skill or to some sets of skills. What ICP aims to do is create a platform where other skaters can: 

1. Learn to use the same or at times similar terms and phrases so teaching becomes manageable.

2. Understand and deliver a certain standard of teaching inline skating, so learning becomes fun and effective for the students and the instructor. 

3. Be part of a network of skaters who love to teach so that gaps and opportunities in your skate market becomes easy and do-able.

A majority of skaters learn how to skate by themselves. This responsibility of learning everything on your own and by yourself can be shared with others, especially with people who know quicker tips and tricks to getting better. ICP creates that culture of sharing information, trends, products and more so that you too can be a better skater and help others better themselves.   

For more information on what ICP does, where they hold programs and how you can join in, please visit