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The feeling of wanting to skate usually is mutual between parents and kids. Once the kids can skate usually its not long before the parents or who ever is tagging along wants one too. At Dunia Inline Skate we believe that every one has the right to try and learn this skill. We provide adult classes with Rollerskool and parents can take private classes to hone their skills. If parents would just like to play we have a rink at DIS with a smooth surface that is friendly for beginners. In order for you to have the best initial experience we suggest the following tips:

1. Stiff Boot.

Adults skates need to be stiffer to provide better supports of adults. Adults need space and time to test their limits on skates and once familiar with these limits do adults relax and start to enjoy this learning process. Stiff boots means adults can quickly gauge limits they have in stiff boots which is better compared to the ever changing limits when using soft boots.

2. Larger Sizes

Large sizes are a common request when it comes to adult skates. Finding suppliers that keep bigger sizes in stock are the main reason why adults don't buy skates. A shame and we aim to help you fit this. Sometimes we might not have them but we strive to purchase these stocks.

4. Avoid small wheels.

Being bigger than children means there is more weight applied to the skate before your weight reaches the ground. The hardness of wheels from kids skates are designed for kids. Sometimes manufacturers use kids skates wheels on adult skates. Meaning adults will have a very slow roll on their skates because the wheels dig more into the ground than they should. Having wheels that are harder or bigger will help parents have a better time rolling.


"At Dunia Inline SKate we aim to provide skates for adults that are comfortable and functional. Making the skate experience more pleasant."    


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