Kids Skates 

Finding kids skates that are suitable for your little ones. 


Inline Skating is popular among kids, usually the age between 4 and 15 are the years where kids get excited when seeing someone else skate. After negotiating whether or not to buy a pair then comes the task of find a pair. Finding skates that fit both the feet and the budget of the parents is a balancing act that is not easy. Dunia Inline Skate strives to provide inline skates that can fit both categories. Here are some suggestions on what to look for in kids skates specifications:

1. Adjustable.

Means your kids can use them for longer 

Kids feet grow quickly. This creates a conundrum for parents. One of the biggest barriers of buying a pair of skates is they don't know whether they will fit. assuming sizes is difficult and matching size to make is also tricky. the adjustable skate comes in and help bridge so that not only do the skates fit better, they can last longer.

2. No Toys 

Toys are to entertain, sports products are designed for a purpose. In this case so the kids an roll 

We suggest to buy inline skates from inline skate shops or department stores. Because of the popularity of inline skating. Many manufacturers see an opportunity to enter this market by slashing quality. Usually better quality products are requested by sports brands where toys do not consider the fact these products might be actually used for more purposes than entertaining. One specific purpose is to let the kids enjoy rolling on inline skates.

3. Mid Range

Some manufacturers slash the quality so much it actually becomes difficult to learn to skate on these

The cheaper the better. Is a rule of thumb a lot of our customers fall victim to. Please do understand that we would like to give the best possible experience within your budget. This sometimes means not offering you the cheapest skates possible. Because in the long run this provides more problems. Especially in our skate school. Cheap skates are not the easiest to learn how to skate on. It may be difficult and uncomfortable sometimes if you use inadequate skates. Double check the specs before buying is the best way you get skates meant for you.


We provide kids skates for sale in our shop and online on our web store. To see the types of kids ksates we provide please click this image below.