Skate Spare Parts 

Finding spare parts for your inline skates 


Finding spare parts for your inline skates is not easy in Jakarta. Dunia Inline SKate is one of the very few skate shops that help provide solutions to your spare parts need. Unlike bicycles skate parts wear out pretty quickly if you use them often. Skates have different parts that wear out. Some include the wheels, bearings and loosing axles. Finding a replacement for that one axle you lost while you were out on a skate can be tough. Dunia Inline Skate provides a selection of spare parts that might get you back on your skates faster than you know it. 



Wheels are the first component to wear out on inline skates. The skate industry is bewildered with the a ray of wheel sizes and hardness options making finding a replacement wheels for you skate a maze. If you are not sure on how you want to change wheels on your inline skates bring them to Dunia Inline Skate and we can provide an assessment on which wheels would work best for you. 


Bearings are the reason why skate wheels can roll. Ball bearings inside a cylinder case with an opening in the middle is what a bearing is. You get to this part by dismantling the wheels then dismantling the bearings. These bearings of yours can be upgraded. For a smoother and longer roll an upgrade to your bearings is what we suggest.  


Axles are the rods that hold the wheels of an inline skate to the frame. These rods can come loose and disappear without warning. Sometimes during a long skate away from home which leads to the wheel rolling off by itself into the distance. A scene common in our skate rink. That's why we would rather help you find the missing axle parts than promote to buy new ones because these are hard to come by. If yours go missing, we have you covered 


"To help elevate your inline skate experience. you need to rely that someone somewhere has access to these spare parts. Looking for yours?"

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