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Dunia Inline Skate's Webstore caters to the Indonesian market 


Thank you for visiting our site, with this article we would like to inform you that Dunia Inline Skate's web store is designed to help customers in indonesia get access to our shop products. our web store has moved from initially www.duniainlineskates.com to www.tokopedia.com/duniainlineskate. Our goal by using tokopedia is to provide a better experience for you and flexibility in receiving your products. Meaning via tokopedia you will have payment and delivery options to your address. Further discussions why we use tokopedia is the following:

1. Customer Experience 

Tokopedia is an app based market place that provides access to both hundreds of stores and even tens of thousands of daily customers browsing the app to find something they need. This seamless coherence between website and app experience is very hard to compete with. With customers moving a lot of their time to app based consumerism it is getting difficult for conventional products to compete using other platforms.

2.  Payment Flexibility 

If you think you can beat tokopedia or its competitor through app experience, you will have a hard time beating them from a payment flexibility. The facilities of payment flexibility by tokopedia are impressive. You can pay for our skates at a convenience Store near you. Other flexibility like card, credit cards and instalments are available at Dunia Inline Skate's Tokopedia page.

3. Delivery Options

Tokopedia has a wide range of delivery options to your door. Because they act as a third party in receiving the payment first and only transfer once the product reaches you a lot of customers consider this arrangement mutually beneficial. Both sides get a guarantee from tokopedia that the other side is serious in making the purchase a success. The delivery options range from courier apps to expedition companies. Prices are there to see immediately and you can choose the most effective option for you.


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"We aim to provide you with an option of quality products and services to elevate your inline skate experience."