Roller Rink

Roller Rink in Jakarta 

Dunia Inline Skate has an outdoor Roller Rink. Bring your own skates or rent from us, you choose.  


One of the facilities that Dunia Inline Skate is really proud of is its Roller Rink. The Roller rink is a prerequisite facility in order of us to provide you with an awesome inline skate experience. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your skates or provide an awesome first time experience for those of you who have not skated before. 

Our rink is also one of a kind due to some design aspects we have added and has made skaters love the experience we provide from day one. These additional design aspects include: 

1. A 1,5 m flat area before the bank incline in the corners to provide a safe cornering are for beginners.
2. A 70 cm banked incline to serve as a speed bank and as a challenge for beginner skaters.
3. 105 m loop. Not too long as to intimidate novice skaters and not too short to alienate speed skaters. The corners make you work hard.
4. Enough green space in the middle to help new skaters get a feel for their skates on a high friction surface.

Inline Skating is a sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether novice or expert inline or roller skaters from all backgrounds are welcome. What we provide is an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a day out in the sun. Having a fun time rolling on blades and not worried about whether the space is skate adequate or whether there are additional facilities to cater to families.  

Bring your own skates and enjoy this Roller Rink. If not we also have skates for rent and classes should anyone want to learn the basics of inline skating.

"Inline Skating at Dunia Inline Skate is Genuine family fun in the sun."    

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