Rent a Balance Bike to help kids get a hang of their balance, before they learn to skate.  

Asking children under the age of five to learn how to Inline Skate is like asking an adult to drink while talking. Its hard. Children under the age of five have not developed their gross motor skills well enough yet to combine two learn curves at once. The act of learning how to balance your core and the act of pedalling using two feet. General knowledge is assuming that the progression stages of teaching pedalling on a tricycle comes before understanding how to balance a two wheel vehicle. It looks like we were wrong. 

The balance bike has come around as the great alternative to introduce understanding core balance to children at a very young age. Some parents go as young as 18 months old when introducing a balance bike. Why? its because it looks like children are very able to understand core balance at a very young age, just as long as the process of learning how to balance is not interrupted or conjoined with the effort to learn how to pedal. At a young age they might not have full command of their limbs yet but after a few sessions trotting on a balance bike will show that the sensation of gliding is appealing and challenging making it easier to test their balance with every try. Do they fall? Yes, so as long as the parents make sure they play with the balance bike in a safe environment, a tumble once in a while should be okay. 

The Benefits

DIS's Inline Skate instructors understand the value of a balance bike. Just like pedalling, stepping on inline skates needs the same weight shift action so for children under five, learning how to inline skate is a complex task. Usually for a child under five to be able to skate well, he/she will need ample time learning to skate one on one with an instructor or parent exclusively. Unless, they can provide that they can glide on a balance bike. The learning curve is cut in half then for these children. That is why a balance bike becomes a perfect tool for parents / instructors and coaches  to help make the class more interesting for young children. 

A balance bike is your best friend when taking children on long journeys. The flexibility, and compactness trumps a conventional bicycle like no other. Plus the children have more control when challenging themselves through new terrain. Why is this important? Having confidence is another major aspect of learning how to inline skate well. Through using the balance bike when travelling, children get to experience gliding on different terrains first hand. This is essential is them understanding how to test their boundaries and what are their safety limits which will be essential when learning how to inline skate later on.

If they are too young, get a balance bike, if you can't, rent one at Dunia Inline Skate.