Rink Menu 

Dunia Inline Skate's menu involves several services you can enjoy at the rink.

Dunia Inline Skate's mission is to help you elevate your inline skate experience. Simple hurdles like finding a skate spot, skate equipment that fits, rent-able equipment and classes to learn to skate right from the start are just some of our menu items we provide to the public. These items you can also enjoy bringing your own inline skates. So we'd like to say we guarantee you'll have an awesome time on your inline skates with us but I guess your opinion counts more than ours.

The menu includes:

1. Entry

Bring your skates and have fun at Dunia Inline Skate's Rink.

2. Entry Package

Rent skates on site together with safety gear and a helmet. Get nostalgic at Dunia Inline Skate

3. Trial Class

The trial class is a must to attend for all first time skaters. This class will help you understand the foundations of how to inline skate well.

4. Private Sessions

Ask our team if you would like to book a private session with us. A private session is a 1 on 1 skate class with one of our qualified instructors to help elevate your inline skate experience.


Should you wish to book a class please do not hesitate to do so. 


"All these menu items you can take at Dunia Inline Skate TMII Complex. We are here to elevate your inline skate experience."