Bring Your Own Skates and Skate The Whole Day!

Dunia Inline Skate's "Entry" is a service where you can bring your own skates and skate on our track, valid the whole day. Skate till you drop on our mini baned track, enjoy the trees, breeze and chance to increase your speed while gluing your skates to the track. The idea of banking a track is so that skaters wanting to skate at higher speeds can do so with a thrilled sensation going around the track almost sideways. So is the track designed only for the thrill seekers? No. Its designed so that beginners can learn the basics on the flat area and once they progress, they can test themselves slowly going up and down the bank. And once they feel comfortable, they can test themselves even further by increasing their speed.

Rain Check 

Just be careful, we are not rain proof, if it rains during your "Entry" session, we will provide you with a "Rain Check" a ticket you can use on another day to enjoy the "Entry".