Skate Certification 

Inline Certification Program or ICP has several levels of its skate certification so that you can be internationally accredited too.


ICP or Inline Certification program is an organisation that helps skate schools and shops raise their level of performance. The level of performance being that the classes and sessions being delivered in such a way that its safety standards and delivering techniques are internationally recognised. ICP has several certification platfroms including the following:

1. Country Representative

Dunia Inline Skate is ICP's country representative in Indonesia. ICP acknowledges us when we conduct certification programs. Whether they are local prep programs or international calibre certification programs. The goal is by conducting regular certification programs, the awareness and appreciation for learning how to teach is enhanced. This way, not only do we profit but the industry in general wins.

2. Accredited Skate School Status

Every skate school yearns for recognition. Whether that is from parents, schools or other professional establishments. Sadly, finding international recognition that is approachable is hard. ICP helps bridge this gap where all you need to be an accredited skate school is if there is one or more certified level 1 ICP instructor teaching regularly. Not difficult right? That's why we contacted ICP and became an internationally accredited skate school.

3. Instructors Certification Program

The heart and soul of ICP is to build instructors. By building instructors we raise the level of teaching within our classes, we give the customers a better experience and terms of hot to teach people to skate better become an everyday conversation. This has a multitude of effects on your teaching patterns plus the instructors who have the certificates. Its difficult and challenging. That is why we have prep programs in place to help new instructors get the feel of what it takes to become an international level instructor.


"Dunia Inline Skate prides itself in its cooperation with ICP International. This cooperation has propelled us into working with organisations we never thought possible. As we aim to grow the industry we also aim to grow ourselves. Come and join us?"  


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