ICP in Indonesia

Dunia Inline Skate is the Country Representative of ICP in Indonesia. 

ICP brings a framework and content that is usable anywhere in the world. 

Dunia Inline Skate has been using the ICP program to develop its coaches since 2010. Up until now it has developed coaches, conducted training sessions and certified instructors internationally. In doing so, understanding the market better, focusing how to integrate ICP with its core activities and making ICP more accessible. In 2016, ICP International gave the go ahead to Dunia Inline Skate to set up ICP Indonesia. The frame work agreed became the following:

1. ICP Indonesia preparation program 1A 

2. ICP Indonesia preparation program 1B 

3. ICP International programs 

Dunia Inline Skate will conduct preparation programs, done in Bahasa Indonesia through out the year. ICP International and ICP Indonesia will decide a date when the International ICP certification program will commence.  

The dates of these programs will be announced on both ICP and dunia inline skate's websites. 


Program Sertifikasi Internasional ICP kini hadir di Indonesia