ICP Programs

ICP Programs in Indonesia. 

ICP Indonesia conducts programs to help bridge ICP's content with the Indonesian market's needs. It conducts:

Programs are divided into 2 categories, ICP Indonesia preparation programs and ICP International programs, explained in the following: 

ICP Indonesia preparation programs level 1A

The objective of this program is to bridge beginner skaters who want to access teaching inline skating better. Participants do not have to be fluent in inline skating, they just need to be excited about helping your community, club or team grow. In this program, participants get a taste of what is needed to become an instructor, understand the depth of information needed to conduct an organised class and lead a class well. At the end, all participants are rewarded a certificate with their respective scores. Then both the instructor and organisations he/she represents can assess how to move forward in their teaching career.  

ICP Indonesia preparation programs level 1B  

Unlike 1A, in 1B the material goes deeper assessing progression stages of inline skating. Understanding the mechanics of the skates and more so instructors can build a better frame work on teaching inline skating better. Here the instructors master skills of teaching specific sub skills in subsequent order to make sure an effective learning curve in participants. At the end of the day, 1A and 1B combined are materials needed for joining an ICP level 1 International certification program.

ICP International level 1 Certification

A level 1 international certification program is a program that is conducted regularly all over the world. The difference with the preparation programs is that for the international certification program, there is a passing grade of 80%. Not making this passing grade means the participants will have to do a follow up test. For more information on the international ICP calendar, please go to the official ICP website.  


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