Skate Class 

Learning to Inline Skate is easier, faster and better by joining one of our classes. 


A skate class is a session where you are shown the tips and tricks of the trade on how to skate. We believe in enhancing a persons personal first time experience on skates by showing you the very basics and handing them to you in a fun and simple format. All that while ensuring your safety comes first.

Should you be interested to take one of our classes, we can help you in the following formats:

1. Private Sessions

A private session is a one on one session with one of our instructors. We understand that privacy and attention are values that some grade higher than others. Not all are cut out for mass classes with many people. Some skaters like to learn at their own pace and time without many distractions. For more information on private class This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Trial Class (Kelas Coba-coba) 

A trial class or Kelas Coba-coba is an introductory class for skaters who have no prior experience on skates. Anyone who has "zero" capabilities to skate will have the most fun in learning how to inline skate by joining a trial class. There are several reasons for this. 1. Skaters get to try skating with other skaters who are trying this for the first time. 2. Because its in a class format, more questions get answered. 3. You can take as many trial classes as you want. Everybody learns at their own rate and should be given the space and time to do so.

3. Rolleskool Program

Our skate school program regularly holds classes in Dunia Inline Skate TMII and in Bintaro. Our Rollerskool program caters to kids and adults who have no prior experience on skates to skaters who are preparing to join competitions nation wide. In some lucky cases, some schools have Rollerskool as their after school activities program.


Every class is different to every skater. We promote the same learning patterns but every skater will have their own obstacles to conquer. We strive to help you master the basics of inline skating so that you spend more time rolling and having fun than spending time not knowing what to do sitting with your skates on. 


"Everyone should be given the time, space, facilities and direction necessary to enjoy a fun class on how to inline skate well."