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By filling in this form you will send an introductory e-mail to your school about Rollerskool. 

Introducing a new program to a school is tricky. Sometimes not all e-mails are read, there are several hurdles to go through, people that need approval from and many more. One of our aims is to help you show interest of Rollerskool to your school by including your details in the e-mail. Based on our experience schools listen more to parents and teachers compared to us outsiders. By filling in this form and submitting it, an introductory e-mail will be sent to you and your school's administrator's account.Hopefully they read it, if not it gives us an excuse to ask them whether they have read this e-mail or not. Hopefully soon Rollerskool becomes an activity at your school. 


"Please fill in the form below to send an introductory e-mail of Rollerskool to your school's e-mail."  


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