Rollerskool - Skate School

Rollerskool is our skate school program,

designed and set up to be conducted on site and off site of Dunia Inline Skate, whether you are a school, institution or a group who wants to learn how to inline skate together, Rollerskool can help. 

Using the skates and other equipment from Dunia Inline Skate, Rollerskool provides packaged services so that you and your friends can enjoy a lesson on inline skates together without having to worry about the details, Just as long as there is a basket ball court or futsal pitch available near you.

Rollerskool accomodates newbies, moderate, experienced and advanced skaters. Our modules are effective so that you get the most out of the class but flexible enough to cater newbies and intermediate skaters at the same time. Rollerskool is our answer to our markets needs of wanting to learn how to inline skate without the hassle.  

Effective learning is key, we understand that being able to have fun on skates is a feeling everyone longs for, no matter their skating capabilities. We offer an experience where learning is conducted more on skates than on all fours trying to get up. Rollerskool provides a core curriculum based on an international program but packages it so that everyone can have fun.