Rollerskool conducts regular evaluations 

Understanding where you are in your inline skating capabilities is key to help you skate better.

When attending Rollerskool sessions, regardless of where you start the instructor and coaching team will help you advance your inline skating capabilities at your pace. Every two to three months, the team will conduct an evaluation session to see your progressions and asses any small corrections you could be doing better.

But what about if I already can skate? 

Regardless of your skating capabilities, the Rollerskool team will encourage you to try the progression skill sets from the very beginning. The reason behind this is to acclimatise the use of terms between you and the coaching team. What you regard as a stopping skill might be different to what Rollerskool has to offer. The other reason is for the coach and participant to learn from one another on specific technical terms that will help learning progression. A coach will be able to see very quickly what needs to be corrected in your skating technique so that learning becomes easier, fun and all round better.   

An evaluation session is between 50-90 minutes depending on the amount of participants. We aim to help asses your skating technique and help you become a better skater. Based on our tested curriculum you will have the chance to see then and there the skills that lie ahead. Questions why specific moves are done in a certain way can be answered on the day by coaches.

Please ask the Dunia Inline Skate and Rollerskool team to find out when the next evaluation session will commence.