Rollerskool's Curriculum Goals

Every school has its goals and the here are its goals and the benefits of joining our Rollerschool program:

1. The focus of the Rollerskool curriculum is to aid attendees in acquiring confidence on inline skates. From the very first class, we make sure that anyone who comes to Rollerskool is guided through a step by step progression sequence of sub skills based on their personal capabilities and interests. Whether its beginners or advanced skaters, we provide you with classes to help you progress. 

2. The aim is to help our attendees progress enough so that they are confident should they be invited to join an event, a beginners competition, a show, a carnival or even further to a club, community or team.   

3. Create a learning environment that is safe, fun and makes learning a work of progress that is exciting. 

4. The focus is to join a class or session. If you would like to "taste" what a Rollerskool class is, please feel free to come to Dunia Inline Skate and take a private class or wait and watch a Rollerskool session.