Who Can Join RollerSkool? 

Anyone can join our Rollerskool program, 

Rollerskool has classes at Dunia Inline Skate every saturday and sunday at certain times. Please contact us to verify times.

Besides at DIS, Rollerskool can come to you, your school or a covered facility near you.

There are only a few limitations that need to be considered when attending a Rollerskool program:

1. Attendees have to be five years of age and up.

We have found that the best age to join a Rollerskool class is at the age of 5. Any lower than that we suggest to join a private class or rent a balance bike to help the children understand balance better.

2. Attendees have to wear socks.   

Wearing socks when wearing Inline Skates it is a must.

3.  Attendees must follow instructions of Instructors to wear helmets and safety pads. 

Whenever trying something new, make sure that safety comes first, we trust you to wear our equipment. So please trust us when we say that safe is better than sorry. Its easier to wear protective gear and fall, then get up again. Than forget to use the protective gear, fall down and regret that you hadn't put protective gear on.

4. Healthy and Fit

One of the culprits in having a bad first experience on inline skates is poor planning. Not enough sleep, no breakfast, dehydration and lack of exercise can be causes towards a bad first experience on inline skates. Be prepared, everything runs so much smoother that way, especially with kids.