Skate Tips

Have access to skate tips at the tip of your fingers.

(Pun entirely intended.) 


Learning hot to inline skate can be tough. Especially if you just purchased your first pair without any prior experience taking a class or asking a friend for help. We are in the business to help you enhance your inline skate experience. So, we have specifically designed a part of this site with tips that will help you inline skate easier, faster and better. Skate tips can be divided in several different topics as described in the following:

1. Beginner Skate Tips.

Tips to get rolling on your skates with ease. The concept is that you can practice these moves at home in front of your laptop and get the feeling of what skating affects as it comes to balance and moving your body limbs. Keep in mind the focus points and if you can ask someone to take pictures of you whether you are doing it right or not. 

2. Maintenance Tips

Opening  skates, dismantling them and then putting them back together is a tall feat if you have just bought your first skates. Watch our series of videos to make sure you don't harm your skates instead of improving them. 

3. Advanced Stopping tips     

Stopping skills are important. They are the foundation of your control habits on skates. If you can stop numerous ways, that means you will be able to manage higher speeds and tougher obstacles. By improving your stopping skills you will not only skate better but also do it with more confidence. 


"We provide tips how to inline skate so that you can enjoy your inline skate experience better no matter where you are."