Learn to take apart your inline skates, wheels and bearings safely 

Taking apart your inline skates may seem daunting at first, until you the video in this article 

Learn to take apart your inline skates safely so that you don't ruin the parts. 


  Inline skates need maintenance, one very apparent feature is when the wheels start changing form. They don't feel as good to use anymore because of the wear and tear on your wheels. Another indicator is when the bearings don't roll well anymore. They don't run as smoothly because of the dirt and grime has entered the bearing chamber. All these symptoms result in the quality of your ride deteriorating.

  What's the solution? A good clean is in order. The first step is to dismantle and take apart your skates, bearings and wheels. This first step is illustrated in the video above, giving detailed step by step tips so that no parts are ruined in the process.

  Ruining the parts when dismantling is a common error and can cause a lot of head ache. Make sure you watch this video so that you can get the best ride from your inline skates as soon as possible.