Purchase Skates 


Now more than ever, a lot of industries are moving their purchasing experience online. This is no different with Inline Skating. Inline skates are up for purchase on market sites. The only issue that is on a lot of customers minds is the concept of trust. Does it fit? Are they selling them for real? What do i do when it doesn't fit? Are all questions that lurk in ones mind when buying inline skates. Dunia Inline Skate aims to move the simplicity of accessing our information online while still promoting the offline experience. Skating is awesome, you have the right to experience an awesome skate experience. Let us aid you. You can purchase inline skates with us by:


1. Visiting our outlet

Please come and visit Dunia Inline Skate at the Keong Emas theatre complex in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta.


2. Visit our online store

Visit our online store by accessing our account on Tokopedia at www.tokopedia.com/duniainlineskate. We only provide products for customers in Indonesia. Why not pay us a visit! See you at Dunia Inline Skate. 


"Making sure you have the best options to your inline skate experience is what we strive for. Let us know in advance how we can help you and we shall find the best alternatives so you can skate easier, faster and better."