Tips for beginners 

Tips for beginning inline skaters 


Hi! And welcome to the Dunia Inline Skate website. A website dedicated to help you learn how to inline skate right from the first time you put your skates on. These main reason behind having tips for beginners is that we would like to elevate your inline skate experience. We have had customers who have come to us and complained on how they fell, how difficult it was for them to get up and their excuse why they don't skate anymore. We don't mind when people say skating isn't for them. We only ask "Have you tried these tips for beginners?". Essentially, these tips are here online for you to see at your convenience. No pressure or haste to make a decision. So what we would like to offer you is snippets of information that you can access now and then apply them whenever is convenient to you.

Here are our beginner tips so that you can elevate your inline skate experience whenever you want to.

1. Finding equipment that fits you.

One of the main reasons why skating can be difficult is because your skates and safety gear do not fit you. Wearing skates that are meant for your feet is essential to help you skate easier.

2. Knowing your product setup

Once you find the skates that fit you, its is also essential to know a setup that will work for you. A setup is a combination of specific frames, wheels, bearings and brakes that help you reach your skating goals. A simple adjustment of switching wheels around might help you skate better. All in all if you already have skates that you are comfortable with them, then why change the setup.    

3. Safety is Key

A simple tip for beginner skaters is to prioritise safety when learning and then adjust as you go. Any skater who is a fluent skater will tell you this is easy. Simply underestimating the task at hand. This attitude diminishes the value of safety steps when implemented can actually make you learn faster. A mat, safety ear, helmet, space with no traffic and a grass patch is essential to help novice skaters get the basics right 

4. Don't count your falls, count your get ups!

The fastest key to learning how to inline skate well is actually learning how to fall right. By using your safety pads to slide your momentum forward, this creates a falling habit that can accelerate your learning process because now you are not only confident when falling but also confident that the worst case scenario is a easy task for you to handle. Then get up and continue. This is a psychological hack that many disregard as trivial. Well, if you do fall, and it hurts, then this hack here is available for you to try. 


"Our mission is to elevate your inline skate experience. Please use these tips above and make your inline skate experience an awesome one."

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