Tips for First Time Skaters 

Learn to Inline SKate for First Time Skaters 

Learn to Inline Skate easier, faster and better with the Fun2Skate program.

Learn to inline skate online, whenever and where ever you want. 

Dunia Inline Skate presents the Fun2Skate program, a program designed to help inline skaters anywhere improve their inline skating capabilities. The program in a format that is easy to understand. 1 goal, 3 moves and 5 key points help show where an inline skater needs to focus on to improve on a certain skill. The skills start from the very basic all the way to more intermediate and advance skills. The goal is for you to try out these skills in a safe environment, like on grass or carpet, which can be done in front of your laptop, then once you have the confidence move to a more smooth surface.

A simple rule of thumb you need to ask yourself before you skate are: 

1. Do my skates fit me? 

2. Are my skates safe? 

3. Do I have safety equipment 

4. Do I have access to a carpet or grass patch to help me get used to being on inline skate

Confidence building is essential when learning how to inline skate. Making sure that you have the correct body positions help you understand better how to inline skate effectively. Take pictures and videos of your body positions, then compare them to the instructors in the videos, adjust accordingly until you feel comfortable on your skates. There are also tips on how to buy skates, clean skates, buy new wheels and more so feel free to check some other stuff on the site.

"Dunia Inline Skate's website aims to help you elevate you inline skate experience."  


Fun2Skate - belajar berdiri dengan inline skate menjadi mudah!