Be Careful! 

Bringing your skates to skate in Indonesia is a good idea. But before you do, please consider some of these tips below to make sure you skate on the right foot.

-  Please do your homework. 

Finding a nice skate spot is hard. Even in the capital is hard. Please look for information on what space you are looking for.  

- Please get travel Insurance

Although Indonesian streets are relatively good. Skating in traffic can be equivalent to submitting a request to the emergency room. Not the safest traffic bidding citizens on the road. Due to the nature of this, its common not to see bicycles and skaters on the road. So before you hop on a plane please make sure you have a valid travel insurance. 

- Plan ahead. 

Everything is cheaper here if you plan ahead. Send us an e-mail and we shall reply in ways to better help you. 

- Skate Safe 

Please wear safety guards. 


If you skate safe, we sleep better at night.