What else is on offer you might ask? 

While you are here in Indonesia, spending some additional time going to other tourist sites might not be a bad idea. Not all places are skate suitable. The basic infrastructure to support inline skaters in the majority part of Indonesia is still lacking. When you factor in hosptial services, basic sanitation and data connection availability then your options become slightly limited. So sometimes it might be a good idea to park your skates in the suitcase and go for a stroll. Here are a few place we recommend to see while you are here along with a site or business we have partnered up with. 


Bali is probably Indonesia's favourite tourist destination. Why not? Its the island of the gods, its tropical and you get from one star to seven star international service. It has always been dram get away for a lot of families and couples. If I were you, I'd check out this site for more information: Bali Hotel Quack


Puncak is a hillside weekend escape for people living in the greater Jakarta area. The hillside is green and airy. One of the best places to visit in Puncak is the Safari Park. This Safari Park is a favourite spot for the family to enjoy a weekend getaway in the hills. For more information on the Taman Safari Park please go to their site. If you need a place to stay for the family, please visit the Villa Tunas Alam Mutiara agoda profile. Since it is only 15 minutes from the Safari Park, it is an ideal place to stay for the whole family    

There other places in Indonesia to visit. All of them breathe taking and beautiful in its own right.