Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or TMII shortened is a theme park dedicated to promoting culture and education. Since Indonesia is so diverse and vast, trying to promote each part without passing favouritism as an Indonesian is difficult. Luckily we have TMII. 

TMII is a large theme park. Housing museums and more. Dunia Inline Skate is located in this theme park. Inline Skating, skate boarding and cycling is permitted in this theme park.

During the holiday season it can get extremely crowded. Finding the right time is the best way to enjoy this beautiful park. Early mornings on weekdays is usually the best.

Several accommodations are available in the park or in close vicinity of the park. So staying the night before to get an early start around the park is a viable option. This is for two reasons. First. the park opens early where the earlier you visit the cheaper the entrance fee. And Secondly, by flying into Jakarta by noon, traffic usually is not bad. Giving you time to check in, enjoy the hotel and then use the next day explore TMII.

Where else can you enjoy the beauty of Indonesian heritage in one area. Happy travelling to TMII