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Welcome to duniainlineskate.com.

Dunia Inline Skate welcomes you to the fun of inline skating.

Finding a family oriented activity in Jakarta can be a challenge. A city where abundant malls provide convenience and practicality over family fun. At Dunia Inline Skate we strive to provide both, a family fun filled activity while still providing some level of convenience and practicality.

Dunia Inline Skate welcomes you to our range of facilities. A skate rink, shop and skate school all located in  Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. We are also an internationally accredited skate school that provides classes on site, in bintaro and at your school. Yup, we bring all the equipment to your school so that you can have Rollerskool as your after school activity, cool right? 

Not only that we also provide access to quality products but also we have them available for rent at our rink. Whether that is renting inline skates and safety gears at the rink or finding skates you can purchase at the shop or online. Access our online webstore account in tokopedia or our rollershop instagram account to see whether we have the right products for you.

Although skating can be learnt by sheer practice and will, it might be a good idea to learn how to skate from people who have made it a life purpose to help others learn to skate; us. We are an internationally accredited skate school plus Dunia Inline Skate is the official country representative for ICP in Indonesia. What does this mean? It means you get a skate class experience as good as any skate school in the world.  

"We are passionate about helping the world roll. And if the whole family can roll why not? Its genuine family fun under the sun." 


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