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ICP Certification Goes Online 

Certifying Instructors Online Slashes Travel Costs   


ICP has been at the forefront of certifying inlne skate instructors all over the world. Their work since 1991 has helped elevate the standard of the industry supplying quality teaching of how to inline skate in a safe, fun and effective way. The ICP team has always had its challenges when conducting off line workshops. Like expensive airfare, the need for lodging and other expenses when a skater wants to get certified. This has become even more difficult when the participants are in countries that either restrict movement or event the concept of self learning. 

One benefit the COVID 19 pandemic has brought around is the need for more online interaction. It started from online zoom calls and the share of ideas which culminated in organizing the ICP certification program online and by doing dry runs, soon the program was fully doable online to help skaters worldwide get certified. Currently the programs are running with participants from multiple countries. A feat that was unprecedented. 

the future looks bright where many skaters across the globe are undertsanding the need to raise their level of teaching and awareness of what makes a good class. By ICP providing the possibility to get certified online the need for travelling, meeting up and submitting to a specific location seems to be a thing of the past. Hopefully this way, the standard of teaching inline skating around the world raises to become a more professional industry.  



Certifying instructors online turned out to be a solution for ICP during the COVID pandemic crisis. 





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