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Why get certified? It's Just Skating. 


Most Inline Skaters will learn to inline skate on their own using the method of trial and error. Its painful and time consuming. A better way to do it is to learn from a skate school or a coach who knows the mechanics on how to do it easier. Its also just as painful to watch skaters learn from someone who assumes they know what they are doing. 

So how do you know whether what is being taught makes sense, is safe and is in the best interest for the skaters? Well the best answer is to benchmark it with something that is tested. A curriculum that has been tested throughout the year, by numerous skaters and instructors. That's where the ICP International Certification Level 1 comes in. 

This certification helps parents, club owners, coaches and more identify a standard of teaching that is safe, fun and structured in its learning. The certification includes training and a testing mechanism where the teaching is graded. Its internationally standardized and has been tested in various countries around the world. Giving your skate institution an internationally accredited level and standard. 

"So, if you want your skating to get serious, then get certified. " 




ICP Certification Programs Happen around the World 


 Click on this link to be forwarded to the list of certification events happening around the world. 

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