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Maintaining your Inline Skates 

Keeping up your performance has a direct relation with maintaining your inline skates. 


The better you maintain your inline skates, the better you perform. These are simple but important notes to maintain your speed on inline skates. Your inline skating capabilities do not mean much if your skates are under maintained. Wheel tear, snapped straps, loose axles and rusty bearings will be the main reasons you do not get an awesome ride experience when on inline skates. There are several points that indicate you need to check your skates : 


1. Somehow you are skating slower. 

The first aspect that will suffer when your inline skates are under maintained is your speed. Its not because of you, its because either your wheels need to be replaced, your bearings need to be cleaned or your skates needed to be realigned to their original setting. 


2. Its not as comfortable as it used to be. 

Your ride quality is also determined by the fit of the skate. Sometimes skates change shape over time, especially the inner liner. checking your liner for wear and tear is also important to improve your skate experience. 


3. The skates look old. 

Aesthetics  are important. Looking good and feeling good is what skating is all about and your skates are also a factor that helps you feel good on line skates. Knowing that a good clean can help improve appearances is a way to improve your skate experience. 


Your Inline Skate maintenance should be on the top of your priority should you have had some fun on skates. By watching these videos below, you shall get a basic understanding how you can improve your inline skating experience by maintaining your inline skates. 


Maintaining your skates is like sharpening the saw. Not everybody wants to do it, but everybody has to do it when the tools don't work. 

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