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Dunia = World , of Inline Skate  


Hello, inline skating is is an industry that is played the world over. We believe and see this fact everyday. Our mission is to collect relevant information to make your inline skate experience an awesome one. We believe that skaters #skatebettertogether  and so providing information on what's happening in the skating world will help the whole world roll better. Ha ha excuse the pun.


Jokes aside, the idea of more people skating is exciting to us. You need a lot of factors so that a group of skaters can skate safely, easily and comfortably. And based on what we see is that skating is proof that inline skating is widely considered as a leisure, recreational and fun activity to do. . 

The end experience being people have fun, are active and interact with one another. Most skaters opt to skate because its a social activity more than it is a performance or fitness activity. 

This website is dedicated to help those who yearn to feel the liberating sensation of gliding on wheels, the information needed to enhance your inline skating experience and find additional sources that are relevant to your need.  


"This website will always be a pursuit of value, adding more benefits for you as we progress to deliver useful information."


With COVID-19 we are even more convinced that sharing information, keeping it relevant to your needs and make it accessible so you can improve your inline skate experience. At your own time, pace and where ever you are. 


Please note that because this is a website based in Indonesia, most of the content will be in Bahasa Indonesia. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via DM message on our social media channels you can access by clicking an icon below.  




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