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Lets talk skating!     


Its difficult to find a supportive atmosphere where you can talk skating and learn from one another. ICP Indonesia organizes the opportunity to talk casually about inline skating in informal setting. The rundown includes a guest speaker talking about a specific topic, probably some food and beverage is involved , then closed with either a skate session or something skate related. 

These #skatetalks are organized by ICP Indonesia so please connect to their social media page to get updates on the #skatetalks that are scheduled to happen.  


#skatetalk s are good for those who : 

1. Want to know more about the inline skating industry    

2. Want to collaborate more with people in the inline skate industry.   


When is the #skatetalk going to happen?   

1. Following the ICp calendar , or    

2. External Requests   


For more information on our #skatetalk please feel free to browse our social media account. By clicking this link you will be forwarded to the ICP Indonesia account.  






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