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Getting Started on Inline Skates

Understanding What's Involved Before you get on your inline skates


Learning to inline skate is a difficult experience, many underestimate it and eventually pay the price. Whether it is injury, equipment damage or just giving up. That is why Dunia Inline Skate needs to cover the basics before getting on inline skates. Here we cover what to am for when you buy your first skates, how to put on protective gear and where to find your perfect skate spot. 

Buying your first pair of inline skates. This might be the trickiest question for beginners. There are so many elements to consider since there is so much choice out there. Understanding the basics is necessary before you commit to anything and so should be the case to purchasing your first inline skates. 

Protective gear is not popular. Let's just leave it out there. But it is a must for beginners. So many things can happen on skates and most of it is not pretty. Here in this video we show you how to wear the gear and how to use it. Just in case a skater needs to fall, how to fall safely. 

Finding the perfect skate spot is one of your core challenges as a new skater. Finding smooth pavement, ample space and no traffic can be challenging. Be sure to check out our video on how to find your perfect skate spot. 

These are the steps needed to get started on inline skates, We would love to see you have a great first experience on inline skates. Sharing the beauty of rolling on skates is our mission and we would love to see you have more fun with your skates. 

Getting started on inline skates is challenging and without proper consultation can result in injury. Many opt to quit than to question and rather blame than take measures. Here is where we come in. Please feel free to contact us on our website and we will be more than willing to answer questions. 


Many opt to quit than to question and rather blame than take measures.


Stay safe, keep a mask on and 


Happy Rolling.  






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