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Inline Skating Basics For Beginners  

Learning the Basics of Inline Skating Step By Step   



Believe it or not the more you get the basics right, the easier it s to skate. The problem is for new comers there this process where the body has to get used to you commanding it while on a rolling object. This take practice, time and a serious amount of effort. Even after all of that, you still might be struggling. Why? The main reason is because your basic movements aren't accurate. To get it accurate sometimes you need core strength. This provides stability for the whole body. Plus your limbs have to get used to a certain amount of load place on them. Bending knees and maintaining an active core is a serious work out. That's why for many beginners we suggest to lower their expectation and open the heart so one can listen openly. 


So learning how to skate involves learning ones strength, weaknesses and most important of all ones tenacity to try again. Because as long as a skater does not quit, progressions will happen. For some it will be faster and for some it might take more repetitions to get it right. Any which way as long as these basics are repeated every time you skate, you will get better and hopefully you can move on in your learning to inline skate journey. 


The basic tips any newcomer to the sport should know are: 

  1.  Getting up on inline skates 
  2.  Stopping on Inline Skates
  3. Turning on Inline Skates 
  4. Gliding longer on skates   


These four aspects will help a new inline skater gain confidence on their skates. 



Should you be interested in more advanced techniques we suggest to visit the following links: 



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