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learn to inline skate with duniainlineskate.com


So you bought skates and now you are wondering how to use them 

Learning how to inline skate needs practice, needs effort and if you would like decrease the amount of time trying to get on your skates then you will need the know how to get on skates and roll. 

The new normal is that we keep a safe distance from others, we need to keep physical interactions with other people outside our circle to a minimum and we need to cover the most of our face as possible. All this are possible with inline skating. 

To provide a selection of learning possibilities we have created content so that you can learn to inline skate. Living through a pandemic does not mean we cannot upgrade ourselves. Learning something new or improving skills, especially something like inline skating is fun, its great for the body and it improves the overall mood of the skater. 

Please browse through our menu to get to topics that are relevant to your inline skating needs. If you would like to see a wider variety of online learning, please feel free to go to our partner site Inline Instruction and see how we, together can help you inline skate better. 

The end experience we would like you to have is a fun, safe and effective learning experience on inline skates. 

This website is dedicated to help those who yearn to feel the liberating sensation of gliding on wheels, the information needed to enhance your inline skating experience and find additional sources that are relevant to your need.  

"Learning online is one of the best ways to get questions answered and have an awesome experience."


With COVID-19 we are even more convinced that sharing information, keeping it relevant to your needs and make it accessible so you can improve your inline skate experience. At your own time, pace and where ever you are. 


Stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and have fun!! Happy Rolling!!!






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