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Teaching Children to Inline Skate 

There are several options to teach children how to inline skate 


Inline skating is a fun skill to learn. Rollersports is built on the foundation that inline skating is fun and then many sports are built on this premise. Like Hockey, Slalom, Speed and more are sports under the Rollersports umbrella where the first notion to get participants in is that the activities are fun to do. This is also why inline skating and roller skating is really popular among children. 


Skating is popular among both genders, different age groups and can be played individually or with a team. This makes inline skating one of the top activities among schools with a skate school provider. What? Yes, Inline Skating in some countries are an after school activity for students after school. Many providers wear the ICP logo as it provides them with an international accreditation badge showcasing a level of professionalism and service standards. 


This is also why teaching children how to inline skate has become an industry on its own. Providing the service and technical know how to have more fun on skates and improve their first time experience. Many question why Inline Skating and the answer is quite simple: Its affordable and is doable indoors. With the assumption that many schools and cities have multi function halls or buildings, providing the equipment and giving classes is a business model that works in many countries. 

If you are interested to teach children how to inline skate there are many ways to do so, for beginners we suggest: 


  • 1. Get Certified 

Getting internationally certified is a way to learn and upgrade your inline skating skills plus learn to teach people how to skate. this is a lengthy process as it involves a lot of learning the fundamental basics of inline skating. 

  • 2. Learn to teach to skate online 

The Smart Skate Parent Program is an online tutorial program worked on by Rollerskool and ICP to help parents learn how to teach their child(ren) to inline skate. In this current times where many parents opt to take their learning home, now the basics of teaching how to inline skate is available online.  

  • 3. Contact your local skate school 

Understanding that you might have a skate school near by might be your ticket to getting your child into inline skating with the help of a community that has been operating for years. Usually with a skate school, they will have a need for someone to help out. 


By teaching children to inline skate your learn a lot about yourself and it gives you a chance to grow skills you never had.  


Teaching a shild to inline skate is a gift that needs to appreciated. Take it as an honor to introduce someone to this beautiful sport. 


Click the banner below to see how the Smart Skate Parent program can help you teach your child how to inline skate without you having any prior inline skate experience.  



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