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Inline Skating Tips  

Inline Skating tips to help you learn to skate easier, better and faster.  


Learning to inline skate is challenging. It is not easy to get it right and involves a lot of getting used to. At Dunia Inline Skate we see that most skaters would like tips to help them either skate easier, better or faster. Simple tips to help them skate, especially in the very beginning. The very beginning is the hardest part of the journey. 

Skate tips to skate better, easier or faster are broken down so that you can follow along. The skate tips include: 


1. Skate Easy- 

To learn how easy it is to skate by: 

  • Using a mat (By using a mat novice skaters will have an easier time getting up and it can be used as a reference to stop on) 
  • Falling (Using the pads to fall is probably one of the most uncomfortable activities to learn on skates. But once understood, falling becomes fun) 
  • Find a skate buddy (Finding a friend to skate with will be one of the best tips to incorporate in learning to inline skate)

2. Skate Fast- 

To learn how to skate fast in the very beginning we suggest: 

  • Learn to swing your arms (By swinging your arms, you will skate more efficiently and you use your weight to propel you forward) 
  • As beginners to adjust your V will help acceleration. (Widening you V position in the beginning helps with acceleration.) 
  • Lower your hips (Lowering the distance of the hips to the skating surface will increase the length of your push.) 

3. Skate Better- 

To learn how to skate better we always advise to learn how to brake or stop in using different methods: 

  • A Stop (The A stop is the most basic of all stops. Using the inner edge of the wheels skaters get to understand how to stop easily) 
  • Duck Stop (Using the same basic elements of stepping a skater can use it to slow down) 
  • Emergency Brake ( Knowing how to fall correctly is essential to be in control. ) 


Please use these tips to have a fun first time experience on skates.

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions. Plus you might be also interested to explore our other parts of the library which includes: 



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