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Dunia Inline Skate Story 

How it started and what it is today


Dunia Inline Skate was pretty much an idea on a D:/ drive on Tomy Sugiarto's laptop. This was 2007 and Tomy Sugiarto has just come home from working as a commis chef in London and was highly drawn to business and always figured that the idea would someday become a reality. 


In 2008 Tomy Sugiarto put together a proposal to his Boss who owned Putt-Putt Golf Senayan Jakarta to open up a skate rent tent on the premises of the outlet to help increase content to the business unit. The Boss agreed and From there Tomy Sugiarto got into the skate rent business. Soon it branched into buying and selling skate equpment and eventually Tomy had a group of kids regularly training with him every saturday and he eventually helped his skate friends put a race together where his students could eventually race in. Somehow everything just gravitated towards each other. 


In the end of 2008 Putt-Putt closed and so did the skate tent. Using this business model Tom searched high and low for an opportunity to put his idea into reality. Benching on the data he gained from his small skate tent, he eventually landed a deal with Keong Emas Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The legendary IMAX cinema in one of the most prestigious theme parks in Indonesia. It took him 8 months to land the deal and another 8 months to look for funding. Eventually DIS was born. The skate shop, rink and school all in one skate destination. 


From there Tomy had several steep learning curves and most of it lead to very interesting projects, such as: 


  1. Become a referee for The South East Asian Games Rollersports events. 
  2. Teach a squad of police officers how to skate 
  3. Hold numerous races, battle boxes and slalom meets at the track
  4. Asked to aid numerous TV content and commercial productions
  5. Supply products to various provincial teams 
  6. Build Rollerskool 
  7. Build ICP Indonesia 
  8. Become a distributor for many skate brands from around the world. 
  9. Help train and certify numerous international level instructors 
  10. Help thousands of families increase their quality of life by getting active and having fun. 

Not all of them were profitable. Then in 2017 after 10 years of operation the team decided it was enough learning. Tomy closed down Dunia Inline Skate and tried to recover from series of business short comings. 


2019 Tomy founded PT.AMI as the ship to vessel the series of service brands that cater many families in the greater Jakarta area.  


2020 became the year of reinvention where several digital opportunities surfaced and now more than ever Tomy and the Team are rebuilding the education concept of Dunia Inline Skate to a wider market. First by providing quality content that can help families have an awesome time on their inline skates. 


The future is bright and many opportunities are coming forth, our focus now is to harness what we have to generate a better tomorrow. 


Looking to improve your inline skate experience? Look no further by clicking the link below: 


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