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Inline Skates for Children 

The Benefits, Dangers and How to Minimize Risks 


Inline skating is a wonderful sport for children. As long as it is done right. Like many sports, in order for a child to inline skate comfortably, safely and with confidence they have to have specific elements done correctly. These elements are equipment, skill and conduct related. The equipment for example should be purchased with sporting goods in mind. Many toy shops offer inline skates but sadly the specifications are usually far from safe. Navigating this issue can sometimes be really confusing but the rule of thumb is, the brand, the shop and product should consider the skates a sports item with great online reviews.


To stay safe on skates once purchased purchased, next should always be the helmet and protective pads. These pads will help your child gain confidence quickly on their inline skates. As falling will be fun. More information on this is provided in the smart skate parent program where Coach Tom will guide you step by step in helping your child learn to inline skate. 


The main risks in inline skating has to be the attitude of underestimating how dangerous skates can be. Many believe helmets and pads are not necessary. So they skate, get hurt, quit and blame the skates. Should they have chosen the helmet and safety pads in the first place, they could have had so much more fun learning how to fall correctly and get better in the process. 


The main benefits of Inline Skating in children are the following: 


  • 1. Improved overall mood. 

Inline Skating when done right is a real fun activity. It works with both genders and caters a wide age range. 


  • 2. Improved overall fitness. 

To get up on inline skates, a skater must engage their core. This means tightening the major group muscles and this needs works. Its tiring and works both the cardiovascular system and the main muscle groups. The more they get better at it, the more they need to work in order form them to experience the same work out but as long as they skate its a win compared to them being glued to the screen all day. (Studies show the more novice a skater is, the more calories are burnt per the same duration of work out.) 


  • 3. Skills unlocked. 

Inline Skating, Skiing, Ice Skating, Cycling, Skate Boarding and other balance sports share the same silver lining. These sports enhance the skater's balance sensitivity which help them in any sport they play. So when they can skate fluently, they will be able to pick up skiing easier than had they not skated. A soccer player who can skate, pivots better and has better command over his dribbling directions because of his/her skating skills. 


There are many more benefits as a skater progresses and joins a club or training regiment. But for now lets keep to the basics. 


Inline skating enhances balance sensitivity which in turn is useful in many aspects of life. 


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