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The online tutorial program that helps parents teach their kids how to inline skate with no prior skate skills 


Rollerskool and ICP have come together to build a fully online tutorial course for parents to learn how to teach their child to learn how to inline skate. Learning how to Inline Skate is difficult and in these challenging times the idea of applying to a skate school, get an instructor or browse youtube to find the right tutorial might not be the best solution for most parents. 

Why? It involves a lot of risks. Risks that parents don't have patience to sift through whether it makes sense or not. Leaving them to "test the water" by trial and error which can cause more harm than benefit. For some parents having a go to program that is fully online, is accessible, there is a step by step progression, detailed explanation on what and what not to do plus have an option to consult with a coach is an option that is comforting. Especially families with siblings or close cousins. Finding activities for them can be challenging and when not taken into consideration the risk factors may end in unwanted results.  

ICP and Rollerskool see that accessibility is a key factor when teaching how to inline skate in a fun and safe way. Not everyone has access to a skate school or a certified instructor nearby. So what's the next best thing? Learn online. Using the Kajabi platform Parents gain access to skating instruction's Smart Skate Parent Program that is accessible via app or website. This helps where busy parents not need to think about how to introduce these activities and gain a resource to better plan activities. 

The Smart Skate Parent Program is now available to access and is designed specifically to help parents teach their child(ren) how to inline skate in a safe, fun and comfortable way. It looks like Coach Tom also added a Bonus video of games to play with novice inline skaters. 


Learning how to inline skate in a safe and fun way should be accessible to all


Click the banner below to access the smart skate parent program page with more detail. 



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