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ICP Preparation Program 1B

Understanding the skills needed to pass and the technical aspects of teaching. 

Inline Certification Program Preparation 1B is a program to help participants really get to grips of what is needed to pass the Level 1 International Certification Program. Besides being able to skate well, the participant has to be able to display or emulate the skill in such a way that beginners can imitate the core concepts well. 

There are a list of skills that the participants need to be able to execute and display. By clicking this link you will find a list of skills that will be marked during the certification program. During this program you will get the opportunity to practice the basics and understand the specific skill technicalities. Besides the skating skills, ICP Indonesia will also prepare the participants on the theory and teaching mechanisms.   


The ICP 1B will help participants: 

1. Practice the specific skills needed to pass the level 1 International  

2. Understand the theory behind teaching every specific skill 

3. Test teaching every skill in a supportive environment  


The program will be executed in Bahasa Indonesia but we can provide the materials in English. So far this is still a pilot program, so it is only conducted in Indonesia. Should you have any questions or comments please contact us via clicking this link and DM us. 




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