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Inline Certification Program International 

ICPI, the organization that helps you get internationally certified 



Inline Certification International is an organization that helps you raise your inline skate teaching game so that the session you deliver becomes better. Much better. It has country representatives in many different countries. Certifying instructors so that the level of instructing becomes better with every instructor certified.  If you would like to find out more about ICP International please feel free to log on to their website and to find out how you can improve your coaching game. 


ICPI International Website 


Duniainlineskate.com is the official country representative for ICP in Indonesia having the authority to conduct training programs and issue certification once an examiner has successfully assessed participants. 

ICP Indonesia focuses on 4 main programs which are ICP Prep Courses 1A and 1B, Level 1 International and #skatetalk s


 It is https://www.duniainlineskate.com 's vision to help grow rollersports. Not only the amount of skaters but also the quality and thus the competitiveness of the industry. Too many times has roller sports taken hits in both number and interest just because the foundations weren't managed well. That is why ICP Indonesia have the following programs: 

1. #Skatetalk

It is difficult to find an event where we can find more information on inline skating. ICP Indonesia intends to conduct #skatetalk s where speakers are invited to give a topic related to inline skating. 

2. ICP Prep Program 1A and 1B 

Prep programs are designed to help participants understand the material and skills needed to pass the level 1 international certification program. In the prep courses, the materials are sliced in half to accommodate either those who cannot skate or can skate but want to know more how to teach someone to inline skate. There is no passing grade but there are points so all participants will understand where they stand after they take the training program. 

3. ICP level 1 International Program 

This is the main target for many instructors, to be internationally certified and help their club or group get internationally accredited. The problem is many instructors do not pass on their first try and get frustrated why they did not pass. Level 1 is tough even for experienced athletes because it discusses the very basics. If you think you have what it takes check this link out to browse through the skill lists. At least if you have the skating skills your are a third of the way there. 


For further information please feel free to connect with us via social media by clicking the icons below or click here and send us a message. 

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